Why A Child Removes Footwear

A child is always expected to remove footwear before entering a Montessori House of Children. Why do we insist on children removing footwear, keeping things by themselves and doing certain activities? I know some parents must be wondering why in a school I insist on this.

As every parent knows, the preschool child wants to be with adults, to take part in the activities of daily adult life. Doing work like adults makes them confident and happy. The Montessori Practical Life materials allow him/her to do just that. When a child enters the preschool around 2 years of age, the Practical Life area provides the link between home and school. In the classroom, with child-sized tools that actually work, a young child is able to perform the same activities he has seen adults do: polishing, scrubbing, pouring, sweeping, rolling chappatis etc. The pace is unhurried, and an adult is nearby to help if needed, but not to interfere.
These exercises correspond to a child’s sensitive period for refinement of movement and coordination as well as his growing sense of independence. “I can do it myself” is the motto the young child, and Montessori encourages and fosters this independence.
Each of these activities have a reason of learning and is not just for discipline and fun. They are more helpful in brain development of a child than any other book learning.


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