Farida Rizwan who has been interacting with students and children for more than 3 decades was troubled by the animosity or dislike students were showing towards their studies. She had a dream to create an environment for children where they will develop a desire to learn, know how things work, along with discovering new things and gaining skills to create a successful adult. In her classes, she had been successful in creating a love for learning in all her students. Now she wants to make the foundation strong for those who are taking first steps. Thus is born ‘My Giggle Garden’ where she intends to grow smiles.
Giggle Garden aims at not just good education, but a holistic development of a child who can be a successful adult. Coming from educational and psychological background, our administrator Farida Rizwan has not just formulated the methodology based on her experience spanning over 30 years, but also included guidance and help from her mentors. We have included the Flintoclass to strengthen the learning of children, besides the tried and successful method of Montessori.
All the activities at the centre will be conducted under the strict supervision of Farida Rizwan who will be available through the working hours on all working days who will also take active part in teaching and mentoring all the students enrolled in the centre.
We engage teachers who have completed graduation and are trained to handle the children in school environment. They are capable of meeting the learning, communication, social, play, emotional and physical development of the child.
We believe that a successful academic journey of learning begins with trust and respect we have for a child and freedom of choice we give in learning within limits. Children are naturally curious by nature and want to learn new things. We at Giggle Garden create an environment that will cater to the curiosity of the child, who will show eagerness to learn. We have questions for their answers.
Children who are below 6 years of age, will be encouraged to attain their full potential in all skill areas through scientifically developed programs and materials that will stimulate all their senses.
Bright Beginnings will make the child smart through various activities that will enhance their sensorial perceptions. We take care to see that all the 10 senses mentioned below are stimulated in the right manner for the child to learn and become more intelligent as well.
• Tactile sense – with various textures like soft/hard/smooth/rough
• Acoustic sense – sounds in varying degrees. It includes the sound of silence as well.
• Visual – Shapes, sizes, geometric shapes, large, small and colours with grading
• Olfactory sense – scents and different smells
• Gustatory sense – taste like sweet, bitter, sour and salty.
• Thermic sense – different temperature
• Kinaesthetic sense – The memory of this sense is the strongest. It involve muscular movements and impressions which is created by contraction and relaxation of muscles.
• Baric sense – Developed through holding different weights.
• Stereo-gnostic; kinaesthetic and tactile together to comprehend the properties of three dimensional masses – wide/narrow/short/long

Farida is a counsellor and psychotherapist who uses her experience in the field to create life-skills training programs and education models based on real life challenges faced by people. She has trained thousands of students across her twenty years of experience in the training field and has caused transformation to even rural students over the years of her experience as a trainer.
She is winner of several blogging contests and has been recognized for her work by NGOs like RT90, Indian Society of Health Administrators.
She was recognized as the “Woman Achiever of the Year” by Sahaya Hastha Trust.
MAAC, YourDost, JD institute and many other organizations have recognized and facilitated her for her spirit and contribution towards social cause.
Articles written by her, as well as articles about her have been published in daily newspapers like Asian Age, Times of India, Indian Express, YourStory etc.
Her video on her Cancer Survival Journey got her4th, 7th and 8th position in a Selfie Contests organized in 2018, 2015 and 2014 by HCG.

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