Nurture Day Care

Nurture Day Care

7:30 am – 7:30 pm

Age Group – from 4 months onwards.

Under the Nurture Day Care, we provide extended help to working mothers who need assurance that their baby is taken care of in the right way in their absence. We choose only experienced caretakers who take up the job because they feel happy in company of the children.

Day care at Giggle Garden is not about fun and spending time; but a very useful learning experience for a child who will be improving, communication, play, social and emotional skills through tried and tested methodologies and materials prepared for the purpose.  

We monitor milestones of your child through technical tools and give you developmental evaluation of your child at the end of every month.

Free counselling sessions offered to parents who have enrolled their child on the subject of bonding and quality time spent with their child.

Vegetarian food, milk and snack options are available for those who need them.