At our school, we proudly uphold India's diverse cultural heritage by celebrating a myriad of festivals and occasions, spanning from national to local significance. With vibrant festivities, we cultivate a profound respect for our rich traditions, nurturing unity and understanding among our students.



We honor both national and local festivals, ensuring our children understand their significance. During Kannada Rajyostava, we engage them in activities that illuminate the day's importance and its celebration. Through interactive sessions, we impart knowledge about its significance, fostering a deep understanding and appreciation among our young learners.

Christmas and New Year

During the festive season, from Christmas to the arrival of the New Year, our Giggle Garden comes alive with jubilant celebrations. We revel in the spirit of the holidays, exchanging gifts, spreading cheer, and embracing the promise of a fresh start. This joyful time is eagerly awaited by all, fostering a sense of unity and delight among our staff and children.